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So you're ready to Travel in the Summer of 2022, but is Travel ready for you this Summer?

Queues, Delays And Baggage Issues, this is travel post 2020!

What is causing this huge mess?

Major staff shortages and strikes over wages are two of the main causes

Tips for booking your flights?

Pre-travel preparation and thought can save you hours and help keep you chilled through all the chaos

  • Fly direct when and if possible

  • Choose to fly to smaller, less busy airports

  • Check-in online

  • Have your boarding pass on your phone

Once in Europe - use other forms of transportation for connections and/or travel between countries *Germany is now offering a E9,00 rail pass for a month of travel for June, July and August

Check what type of compensation your airline provides *Understanding this will help ease stress, possibly save you money and help you plan accordingly

Liquids, laptop and electronics - Understand what is required for security

Be part of the solution, not the problem! Taking up more time in the queue than is necessary, only causes more delays - come prepared and do your research

  • No liquids over 100ml are allowed past security

Liquids need to be in a plastic bag and removed from your carry-on luggage *have this easily accessible

Electronics such as cameras and laptops need to be removed from your carry-on luggage *have this easily accessible

Apps, apps and more apps!

You’ve been traveling all day, arrived at the airport, waited for your luggage and missed your connecting flight. The next flight is tomorrow morning - you need a place to stay and transportation, have all the ammunition you need in your artillery

Downloads Apps for Airlines, Airport, Public transportation, Accommodation

  • Airport Apps: provide live waiting times for security screening

  • Airlines Apps: provide alerts and updates on delays and cancellations, including re-booking options

  • Uber/Bolt/Taxis/Public Transport/Accommodation Apps: these apps will help you plan quick alternatives for accommodation and transportation, allowing you to be flexible and go with the flow

  • Apple Wallet or PassWallet (Android)/Screenshot of boarding pass: Have your Boarding pass, passport and QR vaccine pass on-hand - don’t bother with the airport wifi or data, these Apps will help you save time

Travel Light!

I’m always reminded of the last scene in ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ - where they are running for the train and they dump all their luggage in order to jump on their train - This is travel in 2022

Try to only have Carry-On luggage! Check-In Bags as soon as possible *Certain airlines such as Jet2 and British Airways allow customers to check their bags in a day before departure

Come Prepared!

Bring a portable charger and cables

Bring snack and water *avoid lines at restaurants and disappointment on the plane as lack of catering staff may mean no food onboard

Bring entertainment and/or work *help pass the time with fun games, online entertainment or work - turn long waiting times into time well spent

Arrive with the right attitude - Expect the worse and roll with the punches!

Getting angry and yelling at staff does not change your situation, it just causes more stress for you and adds to staff shortages

Make an adventure out of a challenging situation

There are literally hundreds of people experiencing the same delays and issues - no one is going to give you special attention - find a way to relax and find the positive

Itinerary Tip - Start your first day stress-free

Spend the first day you arrive with no obligations other than to get to your accommodation and eat something.

Expect delays, missing baggage and cancellations:

Pack two days worth of spare clothes and toiletries in your carry-on

Don’t plan or book anything on your itinerary for the first day you arrive *this way, if you arrive late - you are not missing out on an activity or sight that was planned

Safe Travels!

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