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About Us

Hi, we're Dominique & Joel, a two-person team, that has camped the length of Africa, backpacked across Europe, took riverboats through South East Asia & road tripped the expanse of Canada. (To name a few).  


On these shared travels we found itineraries to be an indispensable part of the journey,​ but all too often we were confronted by generic bucket lists & this encouraged us to develop our own itineraries.

Itineraries that provide a truly unique experience while discovering the wonders of our world with an emphasis on exploring with respect, choosing our adventures responsibly & keeping the soul of true adventure.

Here Today, The World Tomorrow

Ultimately our itineraries would grow into the quintessential travel "bible".

Both of us started our profession in tourism as guides; as tour guides, we began to notice that many travellers were spending valuable time and resources on generic activities that would inevitably lead to disappointing travel experiences. Our mission is to guide travellers toward a more enriching way of discovering the world, by striving for individualism, while maintaining the essence of adventure & aiming to

positively impact the places you visit.

Explore. Conserve. Discover 

The Team

 We are two people, but with many partners

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Being raised in Namibia, the environment and conservation was an integral part of life and subjects close to my heart. I grew up often travelling with my family and this became a passion of mine


My love for travel took me on a year trip through Africa and Europe. It was in Africa, my own continent, that I discovered how tourism can at times be so nourishing and at other times be so destructive; either positively or negatively impacting culture, people, nature and wildlife. I witnessed tourism aid in the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in one place, but then saw the pollution generated by tourism suffocate wildlife in another place - causing me to become more aware of my impact as a traveller.


My passion for both travel and nature prompted me to make my profession tourism and my mission conservation 

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Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa travel & tourism was always a part of my DNA. My love & appreciation for nature & conservation were definitely inspired by my surroundings.


From an early age, I've always had a yearning to live a Nomadic Existence even though I didn't realise it at the time. But very soon after completing school, I took a year off to travel through North America & I then realised what my calling was, to enjoy this blue planet we all share to the fullest. Although I quickly become aware of my impact while travelling I started to strive to minimise it & contribute positively by not just taking but by also giving back. I'm lucky to have had an upbringing in a country that boasts a wealth of natural beauty & diversity & even more privileged to have been taught the necessary skills to appreciate & nurture it.


All this & more you could say prompted me to secure a career in travel & tourism with an emphasis on minimising one's footprint. 

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