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7 Eco-Activities & Eco-Destinations Around the World - Pt 3

6. Eating Tomato Soup to your hearts desire at Iceland's sustainable Friðheimar Farm

This mystical island was made for those who want to forget that time exists, for those who love the open road; exploring marvels of nature and stumbling upon moss-topped campsites nestled on gigantic mountain plateaus with furry-eared arctic foxes bouncing among fern-green grass. Continue reading here...

7. Gliding through the canals of Amsterdam on an Electric Boat

The birthplace of capitalism, a hippy Mecca in the seventies and one of the cities with the most canals in the world: this is Amsterdam.

It may seem strange adding a city, which is already overwhelmed by over-tourism to a list of Eco-destinations. But sometimes if you are adamant on visiting a popular destination, you can reduce your impact by changing the way you choose to travel as opposed to where you chose to travel. Continue reading here...

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