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Hi, we're Dominique & Joel, a two-person team, that has camped the length of Africa, backpacked across Europe, took riverboats through South East Asia & road tripped the expanse of Canada. (To name a few).  


On these shared travels we found itineraries to be an indispensable part of the journey,​ but all too often we were confronted by generic bucket lists & this encouraged us to develop our own itineraries.


Itineraries that provide a truly unique experience while discovering the wonders of our world with an emphasis on exploring with respect, choosing our adventures responsibly & keeping the soul of true adventure.

Ultimately our itineraries would grow into the quintessential travel "bible".

Dom, Creator

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Being Raised in Namibia, the vast natural beauty and immense opportunity for travel both became passions close to my heart, prompting me to make my profession tourism and my mission conservation

Joel, Co-Creator

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Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa travel & tourism was always a part of my DNA. My love & appreciation for nature & conservation were definitely inspired by my surroundings.

Explore. Conserve. Discover 

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The cost is based on the length & intensity of your planned trip.

'If you're planning to travel around and not just stay in an all inclusive resort, I cannot recommend hitting these guys up highly enough!' - Axel Blaauw, Amsterdam

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You invest in your own interests and passions every day! So why should you invest in something you are not passionate about when travelling.

Why follow the crowds down the road or go off the beaten track, when you can create your own path entirely.


Allow our experienced travellers to design a tailored itinerary that suits your individual interests, turning every trip into your own unique adventure.

So you're a conservationist, an environmentalist, an activist; travelling does not have to mean being environmentally unconscious and socially irresponsible.


Join a world of travellers; where a surf lesson saves a penguin from an oil spill, where a stay at a hostel utilises fewer resources than staying at your home and where taking a tour helps to feed a village. 


Allow us to design a tailored itinerary, which focuses on sustainability and connects you with responsible individuals in travel, throughout your journey.

Being ignorant is boring  - You have not truly seen a city or met a local if you have not heard the stories and learned the secrets which created the destination


Instead of looking at a Bavarian forest, you might see Roman legions fighting Saxon tribes. Instead of simply walking through a ruined city, you could envision a flourishing city with sprawling markets and playing children.


Take a historical tour to discover the past, a cultural tour to appreciate the locals, a food tour for your taste buds, a photographic tour to capture the beauty or a socially-responsible tour to contribute positively to your destination

Explore. Conserve. Discover 

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The Pins indicate which countries we create Travel Itineraries for. Click on a pin to view our Gallery & read what we include in our Travel Planning.

Africa Nambia Travel Itinerary

Explore. Conserve. Discover 

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What People Say

Explore. Conserve. Discover 


Axel Blaauw, Tour Guide

"When I was preparing for my solo trip through south East Asia, I quickly became overwhelmed with info and options.

These guys created an itinerary that was specific to my interests and detailed enough to be helpful on the spot.

 I cannot recommend hitting these guys up highly enough!"


Julian Smith, Podcaster

I went on a trip with my partner to Venice 18 months ago and got a fantastic bunch of recommendations from Nomadic Existence.  We got a list of touristy to non-touristy things to do as well as nice restaurant and meal suggestions. Nomadic Existence know their stuff and I would highly recommend them to anybody!

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Chris O'Keefe, Engineer

Nomadic Existence is hands down the best travel resource I’ve come across so far for trip planning. My girlfriend and I went to Portugal in 2019 with an incredible itinerary built by Dominique - everything you could need for a relaxing vacation including wonderful tips on how to experience Portugal from a local’s perspective. 

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