Pay with a Good Deed to become a Happy Tourist

Pay With A Good Deed will bring about a new way to strengthen the community of the Haarlemmerbuurt by offering tourists the opportunity to participate in small challenges that act as a good deed towards local businesses, environment and people, alike. In exchange receive a small reward in the form of a discount in certain shops, an impactful human experience and other small benefits. 

Being a Happy Tourist is about visitors coming to Amsterdam; participating in challenges or deeds, which have a direct and positive impact on the city and its residence in order to change tourism into a force for good by creating more sustainable tourism – for us to not only get something out of the places we visit, but also give something back to the places we visit.

Participating is as simple as:

  1. Choose one or more of the good deeds below

  2. Take a photo or video of yourself doing the good deed

  3. Post your photo or video on Instagram with the #thehappytouristeu or on Facebook with the tag @paywithagooddeed

  4. Receive a digital sticker and/or a reward in the form of discounted or free products at local, sustainable shops


Good Deeds



Good Deed:

Learn about our brand, tell a little story about it on social media and tag us!



In return, we will give them a facemask/scarf from our company

Six and Sons 

Good deeds: 

Use hashtag #sixandsons on social media OR leave a positive review on TripAdvisor



A shot of ceremonial grade cacao

A herbal tea

A Dahlia flower bulb 


Klein Grocer Shop

Good deed: 

Write your favourite recipe on a postcard and drop the postcard in someone's mailbox

In the Haarlemmerbuurt


10% over the shop

Brand Mission

Good Deed: 

Pick up litter around the neighbourhood for 25 min



Pair of socks



Tally Ho 

Good deed: 

Write a positive message with chalk on the sidewalk or Give your best smile



Get the full TALLY experience

Personal style advice

A cup of coffee

And of course a big smile in return


Affaire D’Eau

Good deed: 

Learn about one of our items, find someone born in the same decade or same year, take a picture of each one 

and tell something about the time both were made/born on Instagram or Facebook



Luxury soap from our collection

Spinoza Theatre Cafe

Good deed: 

Pick up cigarette butts from the square 


A free cup of coffee OR tea OR chocolate

Trek Barefoot

Good deed: 

Write a positive message about the environment with chalk on the sidewalk 


A cool pair of socks!




Postcard Cuisine

Good Deed:

Write your favourite recipe on a postcard and drop the postcard in a 

Strangers mailbox



Digital ‘Happy Tourist’ sticker


Fair Trade

Good Deed:

Buy a cup of direct or fair-trade coffee OR Chocolate



Café il Momento

Moyee Coffee

Lot 61




Digital ‘Happy Tourist’ sticker

Trash Hero Amsterdam

Good Deed:

Find out when and where a ‘Trash Hero’ event will be and 

join the clean-up



Digital ‘Happy Tourist’ Sticker & Group Photo

Eitje voor karweitje – Brouwerij’t IJ (Vondelpark)

Good Deed:

Fill a garbage bag in Vondelpark



A Free Beer!

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